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Vision Investment Financing

proudly presents the

e-Watch® Situational Awareness System.


Vision Investment Financing prides itself in being affiliated with the most state-of-the-art companies and their product offerings. We are excited about our affiliation with the e-Watch Corporation and their wide array of Awareness System products.

 Our recent Private Expo in Houston allowed us to focus on what we have done for years as well as some of the newer products that will be shaping our future.  Here is an overview of what was covered in our technology review. 


We provided live demonstrations for the following e-Watch® Situational Awareness System components:

  • SiteWatch™ and ViewWatch™ software.

  • e-Watch® Indoor and Outdoor IP surveillance cameras.

  • Helios™ Persistent Video Camera – This will be the debut of our 50 megapixel wide area video surveillance camera.

  • CopCase in-car solution for law enforcement vehicles.  The system will be installed in the Western DataCom (WDC) demo car and connected to the e-Watch System via a wireless network.

We also introduced the upcoming e-Watch® IP Access Control system.

For more information or to schedule a private demonstation of our products, please contact Armando G. Barbosa or Lorena Suggs at 210-823-5626 or 210-778-0988 respectively.